Yiwu Markets

Features of Yiwu International Commodity Market:

Yiwu, is famous for its small commodity markets and quality goods, you can get almost 1700,000 kinds of commodities in over 4,000 categories at one place in reasonable price.The market have more than 75,000 shops are opening every day, except Chinese New Year, when it will close till 10 to 15 days approximately. 

The opening time is 9:00 am to 5 pm.

Small quantity is accepted but depends on factory MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)  you can mix lots of items (from different suppliers) in one container.

All the prices in the market is the factory price but you can bargain.

price also depends on your order quantity ( big order quantity low price )

Stocks also available on shops (its depends on time), can deliver within 1 or 2 weeks.

Famous Yiwu Markets:

China Yiwu International Trade City ( Futian Market Yiwu):

Futian market is more like a permanent fair, rather than a traditional wholesale market. It has developed into an information, innovation, exhibition and distribution center for consumer goods. It is divided into 5 Phases( Districts) and every district have different categories of items.






Huangyuan Market ( Clothing Market):

Huangyuan Market famous for wholesale and retail clothing. The market covers an area of 117 acres with the building area accounting for more than 420 thousand square meters. its divided into 8 floors there are more than 4500 booths.  From first to fifth floor, jeans, men's clothing, women's clothing, sportswear, woolen sweaters, children's clothing and similar goods are sold. They are positioned as the professional clothing market. The eighth and the ninth floors are projected as local characteristic boutiques, which will adopt the predominant enterprises of clothing industry on national base.